Jävla skit photoshop...

Är väl egentligen inget fel på programet kan bara inte komma på vad jag ska göra för något till en av alla våra uppgifter vi har. Kom på med att jag fuskat på en av dem. Skiter jag i orakar fan inte sitta framför datorn mer nu. Har gjort det i två dagar redan. Måste läsa Milton också nu så jag kan fortsätta med nästa grej. Blä...har inte tid nu i alla fall, ska åka och hämta gratis biobiljetter!


Postat av: dr. no

Erring; for he with this rebellious rout

Fell long before; nor aught avail'd him now

To have built in Heav'n high Towrs; nor did he scape

By all his Engins, but was headlong sent

With his industrious crew to build in hell.

Mean while the winged Haralds by command

Of Sovran power, with awful Ceremony

And Trumpets sound throughout the Host proclaim

A solemn Councel forthwith to be held

At PANDAEMONIUM, the high Capital

Of Satan and his Peers: thir summons call'd

From every and Band squared Regiment

By place or choice the worthiest; they anon

With hundreds and with thousands trooping came

Attended: all access was throng'd, the Gates

And Porches wide, but chief the spacious Hall

(Though like a cover'd field, where Champions bold

Wont ride in arm'd, and at the Soldans chair

Defi'd the best of Panim chivalry

To mortal combat or carreer with Lance)

Thick swarm'd, both on the ground and in the air,

Brusht with the hiss of russling wings.


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